Newaygo Fire Department is comprised of all paid-on-call members who respond to calls in addition to their full-time jobs.

Our Members

Command Staff

David Otteren (FF/MFR)

Deputy Chief:
Jason Wolford (FF/MFR)

Jason Newfer (FF/EMT-IC)

Matt Baker (FF/MFR)

Trever Haring (FF/MFR)

Marty Badge (FF/MFR)

Firefighters & Medical First Responders


  • RJ Long (FF/PMFR)
  • Teresa VanDyke (FF/Paramedic)

Firefighters and Medical First Responders

  • Keith Durnell (FF/MFR)
  • Corey Grant (PFF/PMFR)
  • Adam Gibson (FF/MFR)
  • Tyler Haverkamp (FF/PMFR)
  • Matthew Hikade (FF/MFR)
  • David Jansson (PMFR)
  • Jason Fowler (FF)
  • Q’Sun Ma (FF/EMT)
  • Jeremy Newfer (FF/EMT)
  • Tammy Schumacker (MFR)
  • Wilson Soliz (FF/MFR)
  • Kyle Finkbeiner (FF)


  • Alyssa Wolford.
  • Aly Badge.
Military Leave
  • Matthew V. (Firefighter)
  • Rolly Wolford (Retired FF/MFR)

Our History

Firefighting in Newaygo dates back to 1864 when the Undine and Neputne Hose Companies were formed following the great fire of 1863 in downtown. The Newaygo Fire Department was officially formed following the purchase of a 1925 American La France fire engine.

Since then, men and women have been proudly serving and protecting the City of Newaygo, Brooks Township and Garfield Township.
Members provide a wide range of services including:

  • Firefighting
  • Medical First Response
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Water Rescue
  • Public Education


Established in 1925, Newaygo Fire Department proudly services 56 square miles in Newaygo County. This includes all of Brooks Township, approximately 60% of Garfield Township, and the City of Newaygo. Our area is made up of residential inhabitants and resorts. We have wooded sections along with several lakes and streams. The change in seasons brings a variance in population due to the amount of retirees that live in our area and the large amount of tourists during that season. We are a small, modest, part-paid rural department comprised of up to 25 firefighters and one station. We provide fire suppression, rescue from heights, water rescue, and vehicle rescue. We also enjoy strong mutual aid relationships with all departments in the Newaygo County area.  If you have any questions feel free to stop by the station or give us a call and one of our firefighters will be happy to assist you!

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